All business professionals know that a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) can open the door to the top jobs in any industry.

They also know earning an MBA can take time, which many feel they don’t have because of career and personal obligations.

Those two facts alone help explain the rise in popularity of an online MBA.

Popularity of an Online MBA

For ambitious professionals who want the knowledge and skills to attain the highest positions in an organization, the online MBA offers you the flexibility to attend graduate school without putting your life on hold.

Even better, some online MBA programs, such as the one from Concordia University Portland, offer the chance to focus on areas such as healthcare, project management, finance and leadership.

So, are you ready for an online MBA? If you have the desire to become a more accomplished expert in your business area, an online MBA program gives you the flexibility to do just that. 

What an MBA Can Do For You

The opportunities for promotion and higher salaries provide two more factors to consider when deciding on whether to enter an online MBA program.

We all know educational attainment often has an impact on earnings. It has such an impact that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) routinely updates median salary figures for every level of education.

The BLS takes raw salary data for full-time workers over the age of 25. The numbers paint a clear picture of what a master’s degree can mean for you in terms of income.

The latest numbers, from 2015 data, show the following median weekly incomes:

  • High school diploma – $678
  • Associate’s degree – $798
  • Bachelor’s degree – $1,137
  • Master’s degree – $1,341

That provides plenty of motivation. In addition, the BLS reports that most top-level jobs in businesses across all industries require having a master’s degree.

Earning a MBA also helps if you have hit a ceiling in your career in terms of pay and advancement. It can even provide the skills needed to switch to another company or entirely new career field.

An Online MBA Offers Flexibility

Online courses offer the chance to earn credits by attending lectures, working with other students and meeting with professors, all from your computer.

In addition to the cost savings of no housing or travel, the best programs offer opportunities to focus on specific fields.

The MBA program at Concordia University offers an excellent example of how online programs have become more sophisticated. Ranked the #3 MBA program in Oregon by the Portland Business Journal, the coursework focuses on preparing graduates for the fast-paced, complex nature of the global business environment.

Students can finish the program in as few as 18 months, and will learn how to embrace rapid change in the business world while working with others to find solutions. Students can choose to focus on one of the following concentrations:

Healthcare Administration. The BLS projects healthcare as the fastest-growing industry in the country over the next decade, and this MBA prepares you for a leadership position.

Finance. Coursework prepares students for roles in corporate finance or areas such as insurance and financial planning.

Project Management. This continues to be a field with immense growth as businesses look to experts to ensure the success of important projects.

Leadership and Management. Focuses on the knowledge, skills and abilities students need to foster change, innovation and growth in a challenging business environment.

General Business. This concentration allows students to select the elective courses they are most interested in, and broadly prepares students to improve and lead organizations in diverse industries.

The online MBA program at Concordia University provides a quality education, while offering concentrations that let students pursue coursework most relevant to their career path. The decision to begin an MBA program is an important one, certainly worth careful consideration.